Accepting Consulting Requests

Well,I have been doing consulting service in digital marketing for more than a year now. But,it was limited to only  medium to big sized business. Now,I want to scale things up and scale it. If you are a business owner based in Orange county or Los angeles area ,you can fill up the form for seo or digital marketing consulting requests.

Dummy’s guide to rank own sites: 7 commandements

  1. Thou shall not call random provider asking to provide “white hat” service.
  2. Thou shall not have unrealistic expectation either about time frame for results.
  3. Thou shall take the time to understand how Google algorithm works and changes over time.
  4. Thou shall not take Google rankings as permanent stable traffic source.
  5. Thou shall diversify traffic sources.
  6. Thou shall distinguish between seo expense and investment.
  7. Thou shall deploy a developer working on superfast website speed.

My hot technology topics

You already know that I maintain this blog as a passion for profession which is technology. I know that I am great at this (Nerd alert!) and I know that I am going to be able to help you. Whether you need tips, latest news or how-tos, I am here for you. I can help you with anything from iPads to iPhones, from cloud computing to virtualization and from viruses and security holes to Web 2.0.

frabz-Information-Technology-What-the-world-thinks-I-do-What-my-mom-th-929640You might want to ask me how I find so many things to blog about, but my side of the problem is completely different: how am I going to find the free time I need in order to cover all my blog ideas? When it comes to technology, there is so much to blog about, that you really need to be an ambitious, determined and passionate person in order to cover big parts of the field. It is not so big-of-a-deal for me to find a topic; my question is: does that topic cover one of your interests? I know that because I am a tech addict, I find everything related to technology as being interested and I sometimes forget that not everybody is ready to share my thoughts. However, I really expect my readers to find themselves in my way of thinking, so if you are not part of the group, it is much better for you to leave the space for someone who really wants to follow me.

I like to this that my ideas are present, that they are not out of date and that they are very useful for those who are not that experienced in the field of technology as I am. Even though a lot of people see technology as being something fixed, limited and exact, I see it as the most creative part of my life and I want to help people understand this. Technology is more important for us and for our lives than you can imagine. What would life now be without phones, computers, TVs, cars or planes? Of course, the list can continue and it is very important for you to understand that every single one of these items has technology included in one way or another. Technology is part of my life, but it is part of your life too. This is why you should not ignore its existence, as this would mean ignoring your existence as well. Don’t you think that I am right? I don’t want to be arrogant, but I really am right! Listen to a specialist talking about technology and follow the advice! I am that guy and I know that I can help you! Give my blog a chance, as I know for sure that you are going to fall in love with it. My life and your life are present in this blog, so it is clear why it deserves your attention. Don’t waste time anymore, as you are losing important, useful posts that can help you improve your life and better understand everything related to technology.

Google Tango Project Listed on Play Store

Technology is the only thing in this world which keeps on changing like the needles of clock, in each and every second something new is hitting the market and kicking out the other one. Keeping the hold of market needs a quick grasp of what could be next and planning ahead of the arrival. Lot of companies jumped into this field and with the passage of time when they failed to keep pace with this world, they are pushed out of market and we even forgot their names. Smartphone industry is the most evolving industry and with the release of Android smartphone and tablets, it has got even more growth. Google is also releasing some new devices in the market, project tango was in the development phase but now are on the edge, and soon we will be having Tango tablet in our hands. Google may not be singing songs and dancing for this project release but search giant has finally placed Project Tango Development Kit in the Play Store.

Tango device is really superb and having absolutely demanding features. 7 inch display of the Tango Tablet Development Kit is having the special powers of NVIDIA latest Tegra K1 processor which is heavily backed up by the 4GB of RAM to deal with lot more multitasking, 128 GB of internal storage will allow you to save much more than normal. Connectivity is the main function of any smartphone tablets and it is supporting all the basic connectivity options like 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth with some extra connectivity option introduced for with a wide range. Many different type of sensors are supported like Accelerometer, Barometer and some other ones. All these sensor integration is only the way to give the smartphone or tablet the real understanding of the dimension in the space and motion.

Some of the readers are expected to be new to this Tango project, Tango Project is customized hardware concept which is quite sensitive and sophisticated that can track motion of the 3D objects. If we go really deep into the working of the device, it can capture with more than 250,000 3D measurements in each second of time. This huge speed just create illusion infront of users eye.

Release of the Tango Project is just to allow the developers to have a look into the hardware and API and throw opinion about its software development. If you are keen about the 3D technology and having 1024 $ spare with you then keep on checking official google play store for availability.

We are also having a good news for the technology loving individuals looking to get hands on the new Google 3D tablet, right now it is now on sale but soon we will be having it listed as a product on the Play Store. Oculus Rift esque has finally placed this on the play store and showing not for sale at this time.

How do you solve the hooliganism

The new decree law against hooliganism yesterday approved March 7, “would” crack down on the situation and proposes:

  • New sanctions to those causes lessons or who exposes racist banners. It means a substantially increased penalties of imprisonment. Too bad that those who make unlawful the assumption of not being caught, this does not remember anyone.
  • Matches behind closed doors to stadiums not up to standard , as if the problem was the stadium. England play unprotected among players and fans
  • Reduced from 10 to 4 the number of tickets that a single person can buy .It should also be good if you knew with certainty who go all tickets
  • Ability to deny access to those who, even if provided by the ticket, does not have an identification document with them . And what is the use if then inside the stadium you do not know where it is?

In essence, as usual, was not done anything. You continue to think as if the problem was the stadium, were the structures, were the sanctions. The problem is who wants to enter the stadium, the problem is the violent mentality of the violent who go to the stadium and the solution is not in this ridiculous decree, but at the stadium to remove violent to give it to those who want to see football, sport, give it to the families. To do so, simply wash off that veil hypocritical typically Italian who always does things in half to try to please everyone with the result of not making anything.

Leave the stage to those who want to watch a sports event in my opinion is not very difficult. Here’s how.
Foreword closure of the stadium during the entire week to the layman, the control of the police and the cameras, it would be enough to sell tickets only to those present document , giving it a numbered seat which is associated with the name and which must not move during the whole game. A document, a ticket somewhere. 5 documents, 5 tickets, 5 places. Obligation to sit in his place(except of course in case you have to go through certain needs), prohibited the banners . Having thus assigned to each numbered place a name and being in control of the cameras would be possible to identify anyone at any time.For those who break the rules, denied stage in life .

This would be enough to give the stage to those who want to watch the game and not to those who go there to do anything, as well as making work to law enforcement easier and less dangerous.

Basically, if we want to protect the sport, football, and life of the people, should be removed to stage violent , users should be changed … or maybe someone serves as an outlet?